2008 | Neil Marshall

"The End Is Nigh." A futuristic action thriller where a team of people work to prevent a disaster threatening the future of the human race.

Average rating   3 out of 10

(2.96) Avatar | (2.44) Children of Men | (2.19) Babylon A.D. | (2.08) The Matrix | (2.08) Tank Girl

Peter Buchardt     2008-10-21 3 out of 10

Sry to say this, but it really wasn't that good. I hoped it had some of the same as 28 Days and 28 Weeks, but quality-wise it didn't. The absolutely best thing about this movie is the lead actress Rhona Mitra :)

Like I had it with Babylon A.D. it sometimes seems like the director had these darlings he just needed in the movie, no matter the cost...

3 of 10 from me... Most of them are giving because the potential the movie had and the 7 aren't given 'cause it has bad acting, patchwork-story and two themes that doesn't make any sense[watch to find out hehe]

Bad guys remember to get out in time... The doors are closing...

- Peter

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