2009 | James Cameron

A paraplegic marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home.

Average rating   6.7 out of 10

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Henrik Hansen     2019-02-17 8 out of 10

Peter Buchardt     2011-09-04 6 out of 10

Dancing with Smurfs...!? Nope Avatar. The only good thing about this movie is the high production value, and that just doesn't cut it! It's way too predictable and users stereotypes all over the place.

Well I enjoyed one thing, and that was the epic scenes where one would see huge gigantic machines move through the world of Pandora. It's was like looking at cool concept art for a game.

It was definitely better at the movies, but 32" telie had to do this time around.

If you like family oriented adventure style movies you could fall for this one.
Niels Risgaard Hansen     2010-08-27 6 out of 10

Impressive effects but disappointing plot.

If some guy tells me that he has been writing a movie over the past two decades, it really puts my expectations up. I know he have not been writing on it ALL THE TIME, but he still had a pretty long time to thing things trough. In my opinion that it not what has happened. This really is just a mix-up of Dances with Wolves, The Last Samurai and Pocahontas.
It is highly predictable and in general just too easy.

The effects and CGI for this movie, on the other hand, are fantastic. Incredible colons and a wide range of impressive creatures and fauna. I was greatly impressed by this, even though I had high expectations. For the record, I saw it on Blu-Ray and not in 3D.

Casting for this movie must have been a challenge, as lot of the characters were only animated and motion captured. For the best part, I think they did well. However, even though I really like her as an actor, I think it was a wrong choice to put Sigourney Weaver in it. She has done enough movies with aliens, in my opinion.

As well as the CGI effects, the soundtrack also plays a bit part in this movie. It uses the "big sound picture"-effects, which I normally detests, but for a production of this scale, I think it fits quite well.

In general I was impressed with the visual and audio part of the movie, as I expected to be, but I was let down by the plot. I just hoped that he had come up with something better, but on that point I was let down.

I would recommend this as a good weekend-movie on the home entertainment centre with a large amount of snacks an beverages. It is VERY LONG and if you are going to watch the extended version, you might want to bring a solid meal or two also.

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