Tank Girl

Tank Girl

1995 | Rachel Talalay

Set in the year 2033, when an ecological cataclysm has ravaged the land, leaving water the most rare and coveted resource. Out of this brutal landscape emerges Rebecca Buck, a warrior-chick with an attitude... and a tank.

Average rating   6 out of 10

(5.09) Deadpool 2 | (4.43) Logan | (4.21) Dredd | (3.77) Deadpool | (3.77) Thor: Ragnarok

Niels Risgaard Hansen     2008-11-12 6 out of 10

Funny and very crazy movie. It is very hard what to make of this movie. It has god poor effects, very simple plot and the acting is extremely overplayed, but don't all cult movies have this? There is definitely something special about it, that makes you smile and at times laugh.
It is a one-to-watch, but mostly to cross it off your list.

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