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The Dark Knight

8.5 out of 10
Average rating 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

The Dark Knight
Director: Christopher Nolan
Main parts: Christian Bale
Heath Ledger
Aaron Eckhart
Michael Caine
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Gary Oldman
Morgan Freeman
Production year: 2008
Genre: Action
IMDB link: [LINK]
Anarchy | Batman | Crime | Gotham | Gun Fight | Joker | Politics | Superhero

Plot outlinie:
Batman, Gordon and Harvey Dent are forced to deal with the chaos unleashed by an anarchist mastermind known only as the Joker, as it drives each of them to their limits.

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Movie reviews for The Dark Knight

2011-03-09  Peter Buchardt: 9 out of 10

I was watching a feature on IGN.com that announced The Dark Knight to be The Best Comic Turned Movie Ever, and decided to see it again, even though that must have been my third time or so.

I can see why IGN chose this movie. It's the perfect sequel for a perfect reboot of a very good concept. I have never liked DC over Marvel, but with Batman Begins and Dark Knight DC have really shown how a serious super hero movies can be put together.

It way far from just being an action movie as one could expect. It it depicts the fictional city of Gotham, as an example go an American city, where chaos can be god, and fear the ruler, and it does so with a near realistic set of characters.

Even though Christian Bale is a good actor and actually does a very good job as Batman, that's not what shines through in this movie. No, it's Heath Ledgers performance as The Joker. God fucking damn he's good, makes Jack Nicholson look like a school play gone wrong[know that his role was set in a bit different universe, but still].

The movie is almost 2,5 hours long, which is a good thing, cause there's time for story, character development and last but not least plot twists and climaxes.

I sincerely hope they'll make a third installment of these movies and I hope that Marvel soon learns from this and makes a dark/realistic movie set in the Marvel universe, that could work great as well[almost happened with Punisher: Warzone]

2009-04-14  Peter Buchardt: 8 out of 10
I wish I was more into the Super Hero universe of DC Comics(Superman, Batman, Green Lantern etc). But it just doesn't do the thing for me.

BUT this series of Batman is VERY good. Batman Begins was a very good movie and a supreme reboot of the franchise. This one is even better, darker, even better acting and has the twists that it needs.

You will see Bruce W. struggle to uphold order in Gotham though he is hated by people all over the city and The Joker is on the loose, trying wreck mankind starting in Gotham. And you will of cause see Dent trying his luck with Mr. Wayne's one and only.

I'm hoping the Wolverine movie of Marvel will be as dark and cryptic as this one, but judging from the trailer it just another happy flappy X-Men-3-type-of-movie :(

Well if you like a great action movie with or with out super heroes I think you will Digg this one.

- Marvel Fanboy

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