Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

2016 | David Ayer

Fearing that the world is vulnerable to otherworldly threats, the Government enlists the disposable Task Force X on a high-risk mission in exchange for absolution: Meanwhile, the Joker operates his own agenda.

Average rating   6 out of 10


Niels Risgaard Hansen     2016-08-30 6 out of 10

Great entertainment, but not really a great movie.

First a couple of disclaimers; I have never read the comic books, so my judgement of this movie might be a bit off solely for the reason that I know too little about the background material. Also I have, for some reason, never never fully liked the DC universe. I have always thought that the basis for most of their characters seemed superficial and unmotivated, and the villains or anti-heros of this movie is no exception.

The story for the movie is pretty simple. All the local superheroes are busy elsewhere and there is a great menace threatening the city, so the governments has to turn to the next best thing; the super vilains. The plot line is very easy to follow and you know right from the beginning what is going to happen right until the end. While this a bit of a shame, it is what could be expected of a movie of this type, and the upside to it is that you can spend your energy enjoying the impressive effects. I watched this in a movie theater, which is highly recommendable. Also the soundtrack is brilliant! I found that almost all the tracks were on one of my playlists of great cornerstone rocks music.

I guess that there is no doubt that Will Smith is the big star actor of this movie, and he does steal the picture most of the time. He has always been good in actions movies and does a pretty decent performance in this one as well. However, he is being highly challenged by Margot Robbie playing Harley Quinn. Here character is pretty interesting, and her portrayal of her is nothing short of amazing. Jared Leto, on the other hand, was a major let-down as The Joker. I think it is a combination of poor writing and erroneous casting that resulted in a The Joker that, in my opinion, was off target. My personal preference for this character is a combination of Jack Nicholson from Batman (1989) and Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight (2008), and this was nothing like it.

Disregarding the large amount of questions arising from a poorly written movie with a thin story, I still have a hard time justifying the motive in this movie. Why are the demigods so angry and want to destroy the world? The way they do it and the entire story about them just does not make sense to me. This is really what drags the movie down for me and results in a rating just crawling above average.

If you are fan of superhero/-villain movies, like I am, this is still absolutely a must see. However I am unsure that I will watch it again. Maybe on a rainy evening once my streaming service gets around to make it available.

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