2008 | Pierre Morel

A former spy relies on his old skills to save his estranged daughter, who has been forced into the slave trade.

Average rating   8 out of 10

(5.39) Taken 2 | (3.79) Taken 3 | (2.57) Lucy | (2.44) Final Destination | (2.44) Les Misérables

Peter Vesti     2010-04-21 8 out of 10

First we had James Bond. Then we got the slightly upgraded Jason Bourne. Now we have the next upgrade in the series, Bryan Mills. Kickin' ass like never before!

Very good action movie with excellent pacing.

Only problem I have with the movie is the ending. The build up to the slaughterhouse is pretty good. We get to know the main characters and the troubled relationship between the father (Liam Neeson) and the mother (and new boyfriend) - without going too far down the cliche route (thank you very much). During the action phase of the movie lots of additional questions brought to the table. Unfortunately they forget to answer most of these.

I was under the impression that the action phase (where Mills is rollin') would act as some sort of catalyst for the family problems/issues. Unfortunately I don't think they really managed to tie everything together in the end. I wanted to hear more about the 'other' three girls Mills meet in Paris. I wanted to get more of a closure to the whole 'trafficking' business and the Albanians. I wanted to get more of an emotional response from the family.

With a bit more of the above (something like 50% Taken and 50% Bourne) and I could have given this movie 9.

Even without it, it's still a solid 8. Very good movie.

If you want an action movie that's 'cool' and not just 'stupid'. Check this one out!

Niels Risgaard Hansen     2009-01-05 8 out of 10

Great stuff! This is a very nice high powered action thriller.
I really like the idea of a guy relying only on his skills to solve crimes, mystery and conduct brutal murder.
Viewing this movie purely from a boy-like action-loving perspective, it really hits a lot of buttons. But if you put on your more criticizing and snobby sophisticated spectacles, you might see a few obvious flaws in the plot.
In general I like this movie, and if your are into action, this is really one to watch!
Peter Buchardt     2008-12-21 8 out of 10

Probably the best non-Hollywood-kind-of action movie I've seen in 2008. It's all about Liam Neeson who, as a father, tales on to find his daughter who's been kidnapped to be sold as sex-slave in Paris. His a former government employed spy/agent, so he knows his way around. And he doesn't talk before shooting or hitting. Good type of action.

Very good acting, and yeah the story makes you stick to the screen :)

Very solid movie, no flaws.

8 of 10 for an incredible good action movie, that keeps you on the edge of the seat(cliche =)

Bad guys don't kidnap Liams daughter and expect to get away with it.

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