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8 out of 10
Average rating 8 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Director: Steve McQueen
Main parts: Michael Fassbender
Lucy Walters
Mari-Ange Ramirez
James Badge Dale
Nicole Beharie
Alex Manette
Hannah Ware
Elizabeth Masucci
Rachel Farrar
Loren Omer
Carey Mulligan
Lauren Tyrrell
Marta Milans
Jake Richard Siciliano
Robert Montano
Production year: 2011
Genre: Drama
IMDB link: [LINK]
Addiction | Family | Past | Porn

Plot outlinie:
A man with a dangerously disturbing past and heavy addiction of porn, sex and masturbation lives a life in somewhat solitude...

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Movie reviews for Shame

2013-09-15  Peter Buchardt: 8 out of 10
I kind of knew that this wouldn't be a typical hollywood flick or a random feel good movie. I've been wanting to see it since 2011 when it hit the shelfs, finally I got around to it.

What I like best about the movie is it's honesty. Might not be the right word, but you know it's just the type of movie that needs to show off nudity, strong feelings and in general people when are the most vulnarble. This makes this type of movies hard to see, but also really leaves you thinking after the credits has rolled off the screen.

The movie isn't in any way definitive, which really adds tremendously to the feeling of having being fed a piece of mind, rather than a piece of entertainment.

The acting is so good that it's almost hurtful. It's the story of an addicted man, but also a the dynamics of a pair of very dysfunctional siblings...

Do watch it, but choose the time to do so wisely...

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