Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry

1971 | Don Siegel

A San Francisco cop with little regard for rules (but who always gets results) tries to track down a serial killer who snipes at random victims.

Average rating   8 out of 10

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Niels Risgaard Hansen     2012-07-10 8 out of 10

Classic action from way back.

I remember watching this as a kid, and suddenly found it on sale at my favorite online movie shop. It was a thrill to watch it again, and though it does not measure up with modern movies in action and effects, the plot is still a timeless classic. The dialogue and acting is a classic picture of how I imagine the 70'ies (being born in the 80'ies).

Though Clint Eastwood had done a whole bunch of movies before and even more after these Dirty Harry movies, it is still my opinion that these are the ones that defined him. Dirty Harry was a very distinct character and Eastwood just fitted the role absolutely perfect.

Watch this if you are a fan of classic (cult?) action, of Clint Eastwood, of Dirty Harry or just want to be entertained an evening with a great thrilling plot.

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