Stake Land

Stake Land

2010 | Jim Mickle

In a post apocalyptic world infested by vampires a young boy and his savior tries to make ways to refuge in the north.

Average rating   8 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2011-07-26 8 out of 10

GREAT LITTLE GEM! Must say I'm positively surprised by this vampire movie I never heard of!

Guess it's only worth 7, but in my book good concepts is a plus, and I really liked the plot and the fact that it's greatly down played.

The vampires in this movie is more like zombies, since they don't think much, move slow and isn't vulnerable for anything except brain damage, heart-penetration or sun light. No holy water, crosses or not-entering-the-house-without-invitation... I like that!

I also like the way it uses up it's cast as bait for the next attack, with absolutely no remorse or thought towards what feelings one might have gotten through the story.

The opening is nicely done(except for the editing around the title screen[that sucked major vampire balls]). Brutally to the point, with no: Oh-this-is-how-it-all-started

There's two down sides to the movie:
1: The effects - These could have been done a bit more convincing. But as mentioned above the director does a real good job at keeping it simple, so fancy effects actually isn't that necessary. But a vampire kill is still better when it looks good =)
2: The protagonists consists of a boy and the man who saves him. Played by Nick Damici, who does an ok job, but his character is just way too stereotypical. Harsh voice, bad ass and swearing. They could easily have made him a bit more soft and likable.

Well there might be a third thing. The poster and the title!? Come on!! Don't make a word play on Zombie lands title and also a vampire action/horror movie doesn't have to have a poster that resemble a weak ass heavy metal bands CD cover... But as my dog used bark: Don't judge a stoned glass house on it's lack of a gardener.

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