Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead

2004 | Zack Snyder

A bunch of lucky, for a while, people seeks refuge in a big mall, in the middle of epidemic of epic proportions. The "virus" starts spreading among the survivors.

Average rating   8 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2011-07-19 8 out of 10

First I'll start saying I should give this a star purely based on the over the top poster design. I really like that!

Secondly beware that this one of those movies I review for what it is, genre and all, and not for what it might have been. That's the way I like to do it mostly though.

Zack Snyder has done a great job remaking the old classic. Not that I know the old that good. But this is a great zombie movie. I measure Z-movies based on effects, zombie-kills and nudity.

Great stuff! Even though it could feature a bit more gore. The way its edited makes the action stand forward solidly. The undead looks believable and still has a few comic'ish looking wake-ups, and close ups.
[and there's a zombie baby]

There's some great ideas in this one:
- The survivors plays the game "Kill a Celebrity-look-a-like"
- A wounded survivor is pulled by another, while dual wielding two handguns in a killing spree
- There's stab through the brain with a billiard que
- The cutting of a lot of zombies legs, with a chainsaw

There's only two scenes as far as I remember. But that's enough to keep the blood flowing.

Well the best thing about the movie, is the perfect mix of gore, action, humor and plot development. The start up of the movie, sets the scene for a up coming apocalypse perfectly. It's nails the "being few against many" good and also the "there be chaos all over" beautifully.

Last but not least it also features an over the top soundtrack. The intro by Johnny Cash is well put, and also the funny, but eiree cover by Richard Cheese of Disturb's The Sickness is very well put.

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