2009 | Ruben Fleischer

In a world now almost only inhabited by zombies, two very different surviving personalities sets out to cross the US, and they encounter both the dead and the living.

Average rating   8.5 out of 10

(3.66) Dawn of the Dead | (2.57) The Godfather | (2.44) Salt | (2.44) The Crazies | (2.44) Be Cool

Niels Risgaard Hansen     2010-12-15 9 out of 10

Zombie kills a la carte!

This is a fun zombie movie! It is a silly action-comedy with a boat load of zombies and it is brilliant!

At the introduction, the main characters "Columbus" is going through his set of basic runes, which are referred to throughout the movie. They are quite good tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse.

The plot it a traditional post apocalyptic movie plot. Find the remainder of the human race and a girl to mate with to repopulate the earth. What makes this movie a bit more fun, is all the twists and turns the unlikely team makes along the way. Harralson is a brilliant red-neck zombie killer and Eisenberg is perfect as a neurotic phobic young geek.

Effects are great with a lot of gunfire and explosions, and they have somehow managed to avoid making it into a splatter/horror movie while still having you exclaim "woah yeah!" every now and then. Impressive!

Either watch this movie alone or with some friends and a shotgun. You never know in these zombie times! ...ohh and make sure to enjoy the little things.
Peter Buchardt     2009-11-03 8 out of 10

This is a damn good zombie comedy-action movie. When the credits rolled down the big screen I still had a few laughs to let go of, from scenes during the movie.

The combination of redneck Harrelson and dry-ironic Eisenberg is very entertaining. The amount of quality zombie kills is worth an Oscar and the effects is very very good.

Some scenes a very very silly, but it all blends nicely together. I went to see it along with three friends, and we all had a good time, but we're huge zombie movie fans, witch I guess is a plus, but not necessary.

I can see that the current IMDB rating is 8.2, which actually is 0.2 more than Shaun of The Dead =)

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