The Crazies

The Crazies

2010 | Breck Eisner

A small town gets hit by an epidemic and the government decides to take control. Follow a sherif and his pregnant girlfriend as they try to make their way through the chaos of military, zombified citizens and random hill billies.

Average rating   4 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2010-04-22 4 out of 10

Nahh... Not really zombies, not really crazy people, nor really anything! The plot is predictable, the acting mediocre and the zombie kills less then bad...

The worst thing about this movie is that it uses all horror cliches to try to scare you, works some but leaves on the seat thinking: "So cheap!" most movies like this makes up for that by pouring in nice original zombie kills, but not in this movie. So sad.

Timothy Olyphants acting is kind of what kept my intrest in the movie, but he even fell in a hole of sucky acting at points.

Not impressive...

P.s. I've heard that the original from 1973 is worse =)
P.p.s. The current 7.1 on IMDB is overrated!

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