Blood Out

Blood Out

2011 | Jason Hewitt

When big city detectives refuse to further investigate his kid brother's gang related murder, small town Sheriff Michael Savion drops the badge and goes undercover to find his brother's killer and avenge his death.

Average rating   6 out of 10

(4.94) Gangs of New York | (4.02) Hell Ride | (4.02) Felon | (3.66) Sabotage | (3.66) Bad Boys II

Niels Risgaard Hansen     2011-06-15 6 out of 10

Great action movie. Lots of nice fights and good effects.
Acceptable acting and great cast. Tamer Hassan is scary as ever, and Vinnie Jones is also good, but not featuring that much in this movie. It is very strange to see Val Kilmer like this - he used to be quite hansom.
The plot is quite straight forward and pretty suiting for a simple action movie. The end was cut VERY short in my opinion, which is sad and cost on point in the rating in my opinion.
Good simple action, but with a (too) steep finish.

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