Hell Ride

Hell Ride

2008 | Larry Bishop

The story deals with the characters Pistolero, the Gent and Comanche and the deadly, unfinished business among them.

Average rating   7 out of 10

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Niels Risgaard Hansen     2008-09-30 7 out of 10

Short biker movie with a very small plot.
This really shows a hard core western style biker environment. The interaction between the characters is really greatly done, and you easily get a view into the life of these hard boiled bikers. How much this is realistic might be discussed, but the acting and pace of the story makes you forget about that.
There is a feel of Quentin Tarantino about this movie, even though he is only "presenting". The way the plot is structured and the way the point of every sub-plot is illustrated is masterfully done.
After the movie is over, you are not left pondering the bigger questions in life, but as a simple action movie, this is quite good.
On a side-note, the movie is quite short - Only 83 minutes. I actually kind of like that.

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