2010 | Colin Strause | Greg Strause

Aliens tries to take over the world and not much stands in their way!

Average rating   4 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2010-12-05 4 out of 10

I might have missed something about this movie... But it is very incoherent at its best. The whole idea of following a group of people during an alien invasion isn't new, and I've a couple of movie that pulled of the plot[Invasion, Cloverfield etc.] but what they do wring in this movie is the choice of what group to follow. I have absolutely no clue why they chose what they did. Seems like there would unlimited amount of other better choices...

The acting isn't good at all, but the effects are really good, and I'd say that's what's this movie is all about. I have always liked movies where the "evil being" is being showed, and not hidden...[well aware that movies like Alien wouldn't work like that =) ] And in Skyline they really really shows off their aliens and their battles against the military.

The movie gets some cudos for the unexpected ending, but the ending is still shit(seriously)...

That's that!

P.s. What's with the title of this movie? I can see some Converse wearing add men coming up with a cathy title, but it has NOTHING to do with anything AT ALL... I don't like that!

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