Grown Ups

Grown Ups

2010 | Dennis Dugan

After their high school basketball coach passes away, five good friends and former teammates reunite for a Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Average rating   5 out of 10

(1.89) You Don't Mess with the Zohan | (1.81) Ted | (1.72) Semi-Pro | (1.72) Planet 51 | (1.72) The Holiday

Peter Buchardt     2010-07-13 5 out of 10

Soooo mediocre that it hurts. Well had few very funny moments, but this is one of the worst Sandler movies I've seen. It's very well produced and has a great line up. But it's as if the whole movie is one long sequence of the different comedians waiting in line to say a funny line, which makes it even more predictable.

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