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Planet 51

7 out of 10
Average rating 7 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Planet 51
Director: Jorge Blanco
Javier Abad
Marcos Martínez
Main parts: Dwayne Johnson
Jessica Biel
Justin Long
Gary Oldman
Seann William Scott
John Cleese
Freddie Benedict
Production year: 2009
Genre: Comedy
IMDB link: [LINK]
Alien | Animation | Arnie | Humans | Military | Slapstick

Plot outlinie:
On a planet inhabitatet by an alien race there's rumours of the Humaniacs that one day will arrive from out of space and enslave the planet, making every body Alien Zombies. So one day when a human lands on the planet there's a big fuzz involving military, mad scientists and a naive in love teenager.

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Movie reviews for Planet 51

2010-04-18  Peter Buchardt: 7 out of 10
This is one of those animated movies that's not Pixar, but steals from it instead of trying to be something for it self. When that's said I must admit laughing a few times during the movie. It has some very funny sequences, and also one single Arnie reference which one must love =)

The plot is predictable, and that get's even worse when they try to use every frame of the movie to point out that this is Aliens living exactly like humans do. Would have been better if they just took that fact for granted.

I'm not sure if this is for children, not the smallest ones any way I think, since it has some heavy action/explosion sequences.

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