You Don't Mess with the Zohan

You Don't Mess with the Zohan

2008 | Dennis Dugan

"Lather. Rinse. Save the world." or "He'll blow you away."

Average rating   8 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2008-10-01 8 out of 10

So just watched this movie... I liked it a lot, though comedies is best to see in a company, and not alone ;) Better to get a laugh that way!

I'm a big fan of Adam Sandler, so my judgment might fail me some what...

In this movie Happy Madison Production goes the whole nine yards. They give a f*ck about acting, story line etc. It seems like they just wanna make a crazy movie that makes people laugh. It worked on me, but be warned you have to like crazy humor[not talking about slapstick here though]

It's about Zohan who's a soldier[Super Hero style] in the Israeli army, but he only dreams of going to the US and become a Hair Dresser for Paul Mitchell. On his way to fulfill his dream he stumbles upon a few problems involving a "more than rich" business man, some terrorist, some wanna be terrorist and fashion. Good crazy plot,which ends the way most Sandler movies ends.

As in a classic Sandler comedy we meet famous people playing them self's and this is no exception:

- John McEnroe
- Mariah Carey
- George Takei
- Kevin James
- Bruce Vilanch

And also some playing an actual part:

- Chris Rock as Taxi Driver
- Alec Mapa as Gay'ish Hair Dresser

All this just adds to a classic Sandler experience.
Enjoy this movie and enjoy the 80's soundtrack featuring groups as Ace of Base and enjoy a good laugh.

Bad guys: "Don't mess with the Zohan"

- Peter

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