Predator 2

Predator 2

1990 | Stephen Hopkins

Once more a heat wave has hit earth and brought a Predator along in it's wake. This time the city of LA is the hunting grounds for the Predator, but Lieutenant Mike Harrigan seems to be in it's way.

Average rating   7 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2010-07-11 7 out of 10

Yet another Predator movie to hit the streets. It's the same brother who wrote the first who have written this one, and you can tell by the style og plot development and humor used, which is not a bad thing.

One major thing is wrong with movie! The first Predator movie takes place the same year as it is produced. Predator 2 is produced three years later, but plot wise it takes placed ten years in after the first, and that means it takes placed seven years into the future and so the try to depict LA in a chaos state where Police are in a war with the drug cartels. A universe that resembles the ones seen in Robocop. This setting is not nailed very well and it's also "outta time", meaning that you get the feeling that it's an old movie.

Effect wise it's as good as the first, and whole lore surrounding the Predators and their habit of visiting Earth for hunting is taken to a new and even better level. There's some very good details in the movie, that fans will love.

Casting Danny Glover as the main protagonist is a great idea. He has kind of the same role as he has in Lethal Weapons, but take sway less bull shit =)

If it wasn't for the bad implemented setting, time wise, of the movie I wood easily have given it 8, but I think that brought down a notch.

But great sequel for a great movie. All in all, great stuff.

The movie also features a government issued team of combat specialist which are send in to try to capture the Predator, to get it's weapons and do research on it. This twists adds great to the movie as well.

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