1987 | John McTiernan

A team of special forces is trying to rescue some prisoners in the jungle, but are attacked one by one by a creature from outta this world.

Average rating   9 out of 10

(35.71) Predators | (12.44) Predator 2 | (4.21) The Predator | (3.05) Iron Man 2 | (3.05) G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Peter Buchardt     2010-07-08 9 out of 10

A-fucking-MAZING!!! No wonder Die Hard is such a good movie! McTiernan warmed up making this one!

I watched this to prepare for tomorrows Predators, and damn I'm glad I did. I've seen this movie 15 times as a kid, but only a few times since digital media was invented. It's still very very good in its genre.

The effects might lack a bit, and there's some corny one-liners, but hell isn't both what Schwarzenegger movies are all about?

The whole build up of the plot works very well and actually got me clinging to the edge of my seat once and a while. Apparently Schwarzenegger has been helping on ideas for the final script. First it was planned to be just Arnold and the Predator, but AS suggested that he could be the leader of a platoon. I think that was a wise decision.

First time you see the Predator the effects are a bit off, bit in later part I was actually impressed by how well it was done.

If haven't seen this one and like action movies, it's is a freaking must.

...::: BONUS INFO :::...
Apparently Stan Winston, the Predator designer, was on a flight with James Cameron, while making some intial mock ups on the Predator design, and Cameron saw his work and said: "I always wanted to see something with mandibles" and that's why the Predator ended up with "fangs"... Crazy ha!?
...::: END:::...

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