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Cars 2

6 out of 10
Average rating 6 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Cars 2
Director: John Lasseter
Brad Lewis
Main parts: Larry the Cable Guy
Owen Wilson
Michael Caine
Emily Mortimer
Eddie Izzard
John Turturro
Brent Musburger
Joe Mantegna
Thomas Kretschmann
Peter Jacobson
Bonnie Hunt
Darrell Waltrip
Franco Nero
David Hobbs
Patrick Walker
Production year: 2011
Genre: Comedy
IMDB link: [LINK]
Animation | Car | Car Race | Friendship | Grand Prix | Race Car | Slapstick | Spy

Plot outlinie:
Star race car Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater head overseas to compete in the World Grand Prix race. But the road to the championship becomes rocky as Mater gets caught up in an intriguing adventure of his own: international espionage.

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Movie reviews for Cars 2

2014-03-07  Niels Risgaard Hansen: 6 out of 10

Very nice family movie. Not bad for a sequel.
At first you just see a lot of silliness, but as the mystery unravels events start making sense and I actually had to smile at how everything is solved in the end.

I would recommend watching this with kids of the age 3-10. You do not have to have see the first Cars movie, but it helps (if you are an adult and want to make sense of everything).

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