Gemini Man

Gemini Man

2019 | Ang Lee

An over-the-hill hitman faces off against a younger clone of himself.

Average rating   7 out of 10

(4.43) Shooter | (4.34) Looper | (3.77) The Mechanic | (3.58) Hitman | (3.58) Killshot

Niels Risgaard Hansen     2021-03-17 7 out of 10

Pretty good action, medium story.
The plot is rather obvious but the background story is still interesting. This lands a score around medium for me.

What drags the movie above average is the acting and action from Will Smith. He does a pretty decent job portraying the old hitman ripe for retirement. He is joined by a couple of co-actors Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Benedict Wong. Both are pretty good. The same goes for the villain Clive Owen.

The fights and the action in the movie are good as well. There is a lot going on, when Will Smith takes on… Will Smith actually. See for yourself.

I would recommend this movie to anyone that likes great paced action movies, and also to fans of Will Smith obviously.


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