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The Mechanic

6.5 out of 10
Average rating 6.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

The Mechanic
Director: Simon West
Main parts: Jason Statham
Ben Foster
Tony Goldwyn
Donald Sutherland
Jeff Chase
Mini Anden
James Logan
Production year: 2011
Genre: Action
IMDB link: [LINK]
Assassin | Gun Fight | Hitman | Jason Statham | Training

Plot outlinie:
Follows an elite hit man as he teaches his trade to an apprentice who has a connection to one of his previous victims.

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Movie reviews for The Mechanic

2011-03-28  Niels Risgaard Hansen: 7 out of 10
Good classic brainless Statham action!

This movie brings nothing new to the progressively growing stack of Statham movies, but it does what it says on the cover - brings you hard-hitting action from the start to the end.

As always in these kind of movies, the fantastic flawless killer machine apparently has a weak spot for some guy or girl and takes them along, which obviously screws everything up in the end. You know it and yet you hope for something else.

The acting was fair, and the stunts were good as well as the special effects. The soundtrack was very good.

No suprises, just action! Watch it with a friend or when you have a hangover.

2011-03-12  Peter Buchardt: 6 out of 10
Main issue with this movie was the plot building. The way the story was told you sat at moments and just wondered: "Where is this going?" That can actually be good some times, but that's when the movie seems promising, which I can't say this did.

There's some proper Statham action in it, but that can't carry it all.

Good for a hangover I guess since it does leave much thinking to you and some of the decisions made by the protagonist just seems so utterly stupid.

Any way, good effects, good acting, lousy plot and unconvincing characters.

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