Ocean's 8

Ocean's 8

2018 | Gary Ross

Debbie Ocean gathers an all-female crew to attempt an impossible heist at New York City's yearly Met Gala.

Average rating   4 out of 10

Comedy     Crime
(3.47) The Usual Suspects     (2.44) Heat     (2.08) Metro     (2.08) Ordinary Decent Criminal     (2.08) Stand Up Guys
Con Artist     Dimond     Ex Convict     Heist     Jewelry     Pickpocket     Revenge

Niels Risgaard Hansen     2019-05-10 4 out of 10

This almost felt like a movie without a purpose to me. There are no real trouble with neither the planning or the execution of the heist. The intended intrigue is a simple revenge plot that also goes down without any issues.
All this is a shame with that impressive collection of great actors. I think genuinely think that their talents are wasted on a movie that is far too simple. 

In general, I was very disappointed with this movie, and if it were not for the impressive lineup of actors, I would have claimed that it was not a worthy installment in the Ocean series.

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