1995 | Michael Mann

The lives of two men on opposite sides of the law - one a detective; the other a thief.

Average rating   8 out of 10

(7.77) The Town | (7.38) Triple 9 | (5.98) Takers | (5.98) Marauders | (4.94) Ordinary Decent Criminal

Niels Risgaard Hansen     2011-10-22 8 out of 10

Fantastic heist movie - a bit too long though.

This is to my understanding and personal opinion one of the ground pillars in heist movies in general. Based on the cast and the director, I cannot see how it could be anything else. The plot is very detailed and takes you through a very long process of several scores. At the same time it also show the effects a life chasing bad guys can have on you. This two-sided story is really great!

Al Pacino playing the cop does a for him classic performance - maybe a bit too classic/typical. He shouts a lot of profanity and gesticulates wildly while doing so. He is good at this, but it is a bit overdone, and I would like to see him do something different for a change.
Robert de Niro is a fantastic actor, and this is also a classic underplayed performance from him. Cool, calm and collected.
Val Kilmer also does a good job along with Tom Sizemore.
As usual William Fichtner has this careful and calculated coolness about him that scares me like hell. Brilliant!
My idol Henry Rollins also has a small part in this one. Nothing fancy and not much dialogue either. He does get beaten up and killed though.

In general this movie follows my recipe for a success almost to the letter. There are more that one score in it, attention have been paid to the details and there are more than one plot that twists and turns entwined with each other. The bad thing about this movie is, that it is too long - much too long. In my opinion you could have cut out 45-60 minutes of walkover shot of all kinds of mood settings and not that important details. This unfortunately kills the rush of the otherwise good action, and the plot is not complicated to carry it through as a crime movie alone for all 170 minutes. Too bad!

A great must see heist movie for all heist fans! Inspiring, interesting and impressive.

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