Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story

2018 | Ron Howard

During an adventure into the criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his future co-pilot Chewbacca and encounters Lando Calrissian years before joining the Rebellion.

Average rating   7 out of 10


Niels Risgaard Hansen     2019-03-22 7 out of 10

Not as epic as I would have liked, but still a pretty good action sci-fi movie. Some of the plot twists did not work that well and seemed to be overreaching.
Cast was good. Even though Alden Ehrenreich did a good job portraying Han Solo, he was no way near the young Harrison Ford. Woody Harrelson always cracks me up, even in a semi serious role like this one. Emilia Clarke did a good job as well. He role is somewhat similar to her role in Game of Thrones. 

Effects were good. Aliens were convincing in a Star Wars kind of way.

I was missing some power behind the score for the movie. 

In general a good spin off Star Wars movie. Definitely worth the time.

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