2003 | John Woo

What seemed like a breezy idea for an engineer to net him millions of dollars, leaves him on the run for his life and piecing together why he's being chased.

Average rating   6 out of 10

(3.96) Face/Off | (3.61) Olympus Has Fallen | (3.58) Spectral | (3.43) Smokin' Aces | (3.28) The Town

Niels Risgaard Hansen     2013-08-30 6 out of 10

Easy money always comes harder than you think.

I have never got around to see this movie when it ran in the theateres back in 2003, but recently my streaming service recommended it to me, an now I finally got to see it.

The plot is actually pretty simple, but at the same time also quite imaginative I think. I like the fact that most of the challenges are solved backwards, as this is a movie about reverse engineering.
The memory wipe is also rather effective in making the simple plot more of a mystery. It works.

In light of the recent "nerd rage" against the choice of Ben Afflec as the new Batman, I was a bit interested to see how he would manage a role like this. To be honest I think it was a rather good performance for an action movie.
For some reason they are portraying Uma Thurman as a classic beauty in this movie. I must say that this is far from how I see her. I find her attractive when she is rough and bossy like in Pulp Fiction or Kill Bill, but I have never seen her as neither sexy nor classic beautiful. Besides from that she fits the part really well.

The effects in this now 10 year old movie are good. I do not think tha I have missed out on that much by not seeing iton the big screen though.

What I did not like was the very end - the post script or whatever. That part is just too happy and too silly. I actually think it would have been a better movie, if they had left that out.

Watch this if you like very light gadget entertainment, Ben Afflec or older light sci-fi action.

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