The Town

The Town

2010 | Ben Affleck

A gang of bank robbers in Boston get's cornered by the FBI and makes it difficult for those who want to quit the buisnes...

Average rating   8 out of 10

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Niels Risgaard Hansen     2010-12-15 8 out of 10

Yet another great heist movie.

I have seen a lot of movies in this genre, and this one is definitely a hit within it's class. I liked several aspects of it and as a whole it is a good movie.

I like that it is a quite violent movie, that still manages to be a very personal love story. It is an action movie, but it still has a bit depth. That is good work!

There are no surprises in the plot throughout the movie. You know right from the start who and what is going to be the problem, and most of the solutions to these problems you will have guessed way before they are shown - including the ending. This is not a problem though, because it is well written and well acted, and you will be able to enjoy it anyway.
Some of the deeper themes of the movie, like abandonment, brotherhood and family bonds are well portrayed, but not overly done. As this is an action movie and not a drama, I think this is important. It is thoughtful without being shallow.

Guns blazing, cars crashing and explosives going off - it is all part of the movie, but kept at a reasonable level.

In general a movie, that shows impressive judgement and style by Ben Affleck as a director. I liked it a lot and would recommend it to any action junkie, heist movie lover, and Irish/Boston fanboy who wants to watch a great movie. Bring friends, if you want to start your own gang of heisters,
Peter Buchardt     2010-10-31 8 out of 10

Really really good movie... Plot wise there's no surprises which could have been done way better, but for what it is(a heist, action, drama) it's really good.

Affleck can apparently do other stuff than act, and he does both direction and acting very well along with people like Jon Hamm, who I fucking loved in Mad Men, it's about time he get's some roles in hollywood movies.

The movies carries a perfect balance of action, drama, humor and brutality. The humor is used kind of as a contrast to some of the psycko actions of the protagonists.

There's only one thing of the plot I did not like, can't comment on it here without spoiling so stop reading if you have not seen it...


Afflecks character has to make a decision on wether to do one last bank job, and decides against it, but get's convinced by threads to him, his girl and more... With out much thinking he says yes any way, but then he ends up going against his first hunch, every thing goes wrong a he takes revenge on the people who threaded him, why didn't he just start with that? Does not make sense...

And then the ending is Sooooooo Hollywood... kind of expected af ending like Heat!

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