2003 | Mark Steven Johnson

A man blinded by toxic waste which also enhanced his remaining senses fights crime as an acrobatic martial arts superhero.

Average rating   6 out of 10

(5.72) Elektra | (5.2) The Green Hornet | (4.94) Doctor Strange | (4.94) Batman Begins | (4.94) Black Widow

Niels Risgaard Hansen     2011-10-11 6 out of 10

Not bad, but I want more!

Please note that I have not read the comics, so some of my critique may not be valid.

I am a big fan of these Marvel super hero movies, and this one is just below my expectations. It is good and exciting, but the plot is just a bit too thin, the main villain does not have enough screen time, the scary killer is bordering comedy, way too little of Elektra's story is told and Jon Favreau's part reminds me of Pete from Dharma & Greg.

On the plus side, the effects are relatively good, Jennifer Garner looks nice (a bit on the skinny side though) and Ben Affleck does a decent job acting his part.

The stunts however are a bit over the top in a way that just seem unnecessary and it is very obvious when it is a stunt-person and when it is the actual actor. The "roof" scene has the worst case of this.

I think it is cool that Elektra appears, but I am very pusseled why. As mentioned this is not explained in the movie, which to me is a bit odd. I do however always enjoy when other Marvel characters appear in another feature than their own.

As a classic move, Stan Lee has a very small extra's part. It is always fun to spot him in these movies.

If you like Marvel, this is worth the time. If you like action, it is acceptable, but not great. If you want to convince someone that super hero movies are cool, you should choose another movie.

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