Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch

2011 | Zack Snyder

A young girl is institutionalized by her abusive stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her escape from the mental facility.

Average rating   7 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2011-07-19 8 out of 10

First time I saw this I was pretty ef'ed up on alcohol and the like. I fell asleep and couldn't remember much afterwards.

I decided it should have yet another chance. And boy am I glad I did!?

This movie bears some resemblance to Inception, in regards of having the plot taking place in different layers, but here nothing is explained, just shown. I hate the way the need to explain everything in Inception. Enough of that!

The story is rather short and simple, when you think about it, but the way it's expanded through the layers gives it depth and makes very interesting.

The fact that Snyder has done music videos before shines through big time here. Four of the visits to one of the layers are almost like four different music videos. First one features Bjork's Army of Me. And that gave me the chills. Fuck it was awesome.

The draws on action, striptease, fantasy, sci-fi, noir, epic battles... What's not to like!?

Only minus as I see it, is the way it ends. Can't say too much, but I just don't like the narrator and whats being said.

I sure hope Zack writes and directs a few more of his own stuff in the future.
Niels Risgaard Hansen     2011-07-14 6 out of 10

Not really the movie I thought it was, but still above average.

This movie really starts of in an austere and sombre mood - not anything like the IMDB short destription. Then it takes a twist with all kinds of dream sequences and more dream sequences within those. These are graphically highly impressive, but there is a sexual undertone that borders the movie Bitch Slap (similarity in name not a coincidence?), which puts a damper on it and adds a bit of lameness.

The acting is in no way impressive. The girls are moderate pretty, but their performance weight them down. This is not helped but what I suspect is a result of poor writing of the dialogues.

On the other hand, the visual effects are very good in my opinion. This is definitely worth a big screen. The dream within the dream sequences are loaded beyond reason with all kinds of CGI, but plotwise this is fitting. The rest of the movie also has a fantastic graphical touch about it. I am highly impressed with it.

The plot and it's twists are good, the effects are fantastic but the acting below average.
It is worth a watch if you like visual well done movies, if you like crazy fantasy and sci-fi scenes or you girls jumping about in army/school girl uniforms Manga style.

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