The Men Who Stare at Goats

The Men Who Stare at Goats

2009 | Grant Heslov

A reporter sets out to prove he's not a loser, by covering the war in Iraq. Here he learns about a secret program run by the US goverment.

Average rating   7.5 out of 10

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Niels Risgaard Hansen     2010-05-21 8 out of 10

Brilliant stuff! The Pentagon has (for some odd reason) been talked into starting a super elite soldier project secretly named Jedi. Their alternative ways of "combat", would bring USA in the lead of psi-warfare. But something is very wrong and it is coming from within... This is all told by a reporter trying to prove to his ex-wife that he is not a "fuckhead". Good luck with that!
The plot is downright crazy. Crazy but brilliant! I am huge fan of movies that seems "a little bit off" and this is definitely one such. It is hilarious and at the same time fantastically brilliant put together with an ironic mixture of humor, conspiracy theory, military strategy, political statements and probably a few more, that I did not get on the view through. (Yes! I am going to watch this one more than once!)
Another great this is the references to a bunch of other movies, making friendly jokes about different blockbuster titles. The most obvious is Star Wars, but if you watch closely, you will see quite a few more. I love it, when they do that!
A funny thing about the story is, that most of it is told by others, and you are left with multiple layers of doubt that any of it really happened. Was the contents of Billy's book actually fake? Is Lyn just a crazy person? Did Bob really make the whole thing up to impress his ex-wife? All these questions, you are left with once the credits starts rolling.
What a cast! Clooney, McGregor, Spacy and Bridges. All four fantastic actors! With a crazy and not very structured plot like this, these four guys really pull it off! They were perfectly cast for their parts, and they do all deliver.
Commenting on the special effects is a funny thing. All these "super powers" are never fully documented, and therefor never shown in full effect. With a plot like this, the effects works great left unshown.
All the way through a great movie for a guy like me. I expected it to be strange and weird and I got what I wished for. Others, who might not like such a strange, loose and unstructured plot, will definitely think differently of it.
I would recommended it for a lazy evening on the couch or with e friend or two, that like strange movies.
Peter Buchardt     2010-03-22 7 out of 10

So been traveling across the globe and of cause I braught some entertainment. I just saw this movie,
and since I'm all up for qurchi movies at kinda liked this movie. The whole concept is that the American army has put a lot
of research into developing the perfect soldier who can do stuff like stopping peoples hearts, move through things and locate people just with the power
of the mind.

And so we follow a journalist journey to find out what this project is all about. It's primarily a black humorish movies. But script and acting really ties
it together as whole.

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