How To Add, Edit and Use Content

This page will briefly go through how you add, edit or use various content on this website.

How to Log In

This part is quite easy. You just click the [LOGIN] part of the main menu, which takes you to the login page. Here you enter your username and password and his the Submit button.
If you do not have a user on Wuzzah.com, but want to add your content to the site, then send us an email at wuzzah @ wuzzah.com telling us a bit about yourself and what you think your can contribute with.

How to Add a Rating and a Review

First of all, you need to be logged in.
You then find the Movie you would like to rate and/or review, either by using the Search function, browsing the Movies list, or just following a link.
You then click [New movie review], which takes you to the rating and review form. Ensure that Movie is correct. Then select the Movie Rating, ranging from 1, being very bad, to 10, being very good.
You also have the option to add a review of the Movie. Use the Movie Review field in the form for that. This is not mandatory and if you leave this field blank, only your rating will be stored in the database. If you do add a review, please ensure that you the follow the rules for adding content to Wuzzah.com.
Your rating and review, if any, will now be featured on the Movie page.

If you want to edit or delete a review you have added to the site, you need to first log in and then click the [LOGIN] part of the main menu again.
You now see a list of all your ratings and review, if any, and will be able to click either the (Edit) or the (Delete) link. The link to (Edit) the review will take you to a form similar to adding a rating and review. The link to (Delete) the review will ask you to confirm your request and subject to confirmation then delete that rating and review.

How to Add a New Movie

If you find that a movie you would like to rate and/or review is currently not in the database, and you are a user on this website, then you will be able to add it yourself.
Once you are logged in, you will see a link to add [New movie data] beneath the top menu. Start by clicking that.
This will direct you a form where you are able to add new movie data to the database. A slightly more specific guide for each filed by doing a mouse over on the [?]. The easiest way to add data is get it from the IMDB site. Just enter the title of the movie in the IMDB lookup field and click the "Get IMDB data" button. This will take you to a pop-up page showing a list of possible movies. Click on the movie you would like to add. If your movie is not on the list, you will have to add all data manually by filling out the form.
If you are able to locate your film on the list, and you click it, you will be taken to a page that shows you a preview of the data available. If this is acceptable, then click the "Add" button and then close the pop-up window.
You will now see that all the available data from the lookup has been added to the form. Please check to see if you are satisfied will everything that has been added. Never mind that the Movie poster field says "no file selected", if you used the lookup tool. A poster will be added.
The fields "Tags" and "Similar movies" will never get data from the lookup. Neither field are mandatory but we highly recommend that you fill out the Tags in order to identify and compare the movie wither others. Please remember not to add spoilers in the tags. If you need inspiration for the tags, you should browse to the "plot keywords" section of the film on IMDB.
Once you are done will relevant fields, just click the "Submit" button and your movie will then be added to the database. Well done! You will now be directed to that new movie. Time to add a rating and maybe a review?

How to Edit Movie Data

If a movie is missing relevant data or some of the data i faulty, you will be able to edit it, once you are logged in. Just browse to that movie and you click [Edit movie data]. You will then be taken to a form similar to the one for adding new movie data, but pre-filled with the data from the actual movie.
Use the form to update whatever data you think needs to be updated and click the "Submit" button.

Other Stuff

If there is a subject you find lagging or missing in this 'how to' guide, please send us an email at wuzzah @ wuzzah.com. The same goes if you find any feature or function on the site that you believe to be either faulty or just plain silly.

Want us to review something?
Email us at wuzzah @ wuzzah.com