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Olympus Has Fallen

6 out of 10
Average rating 6 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Olympus Has Fallen
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Main parts: Gerard Butler
Aaron Eckhart
Finley Jacobsen
Dylan McDermott
Rick Yune
Morgan Freeman
Angela Bassett
Melissa Leo
Radha Mitchell
Cole Hauser
Phil Austin
James Ingersoll
Freddy Bosche
Lance Broadway
Sean O
Production year: 2013
Genre: Action
IMDB link: [LINK]
FBI | Gun Fight | Hostage | Kidnapping | North Korea | Nuclear Missile | Pentagon | Secret Service | Terrorist | Traitor | U.S. Army | U.S. President | White House

Plot outlinie:
Disgraced Secret Service agent (and former presidential guard) Mike Banning finds himself trapped inside the White House in the wake of a terrorist attack; using his inside knowledge, Banning works with national security to rescue the President from his kidnappers.

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Movie reviews for Olympus Has Fallen

2018-02-15  Niels Risgaard Hansen: 6 out of 10
Pretty decent movie.
I am a fan of Morgan Freeman and therefore it was great to see him step into the role of the U.S. president.
This was mainly a terrorist, hostage, action movie, and if that is what you are looking for, it is worth watching.

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