Django Unchained

Django Unchained

2012 | Quentin Tarantino

A German Bounty hunter buys a slave to have him help track down wanted men. Later the bounty hunter helps the slave find the slaves wife...

Average rating   8 out of 10

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Niels Risgaard Hansen     2014-07-28 8 out of 10

Guns, gore and ‘a nigger on a horse’ in brilliant Tarantino style.

This is a highly enjoyable well written and executed western movie. I was very entertained and very impressed with it. The plot is predictable but that is of no matter as it is a classic western movie, so that was expected.
What really makes this movie good is all the small parts that we are used to see from the hand of Tarantino. Simple yet brilliant dialogues, perfectly timed scenes and all punctuated by explosion of blood and gore to underline a point. Really well done!

My favorite character (obviously?) is the “dentist”. I really enjoy his take on the whole slave trade and suppression of black people. His puzzlement of why people were looking at them just because Django was riding a horse actually made me laugh out loud in the movie theater.
I have never been a big fan of Jamie Foxx, but he does a good job here and really is capable of playing the main part in such a movie.
Leonardo DiCaprio is also a great actor, but even though he plays a slightly dangerous character I just did not find his part fully believable. In my opinion they should have casted an older (or just older looking) and more gritty actor for this part.
The worst part of this movie is, in my opinion, casting Samuel L Jackson as Stephen (the lead slave?). Normally I love Samuel in movies, but he has such a powerful persona  and presence that actually overshined the rest of the cast even though he only played a minor part. That really pulled the movie down in my opinion.

As this is a more or less classic western movie, the effects are reduced to a few dynamite explosions which were more or less proper proportioned. That, however, cannot be said about the blood (and gore) from gunshot wounds. Tarantino must have (bled?) the marked dry for theater blood while making this movie. Every time someone important is shot blood is cascading from the wound, splashing everything and everyone, including the camera, in crimson. It is by far over the top, but it is consistent and more or less a theme from Tarantino. Though it is far from realistic it does not destroy the movie in any way.

The soundtrack is well adjusted and works quite well with the movie.

In general a very good action movie and a good western movie. You really get to enjoy watching Django ‘shooting white folks for money’.
Peter Buchardt     2013-01-26 8 out of 10

Over the top western movie.

I really enjoyed the movie, all the way through the 2 hours and 45 minutes. More than any other Tarantino movie i remember this is a comedy. There's slapstick, one liners, funny characters etc...

The Special FX are more than over the top with people head exploding when shot, and blood spewing everywhere. But it fits right in to it.

The soundtrack is awesome, maybe a bit to awesome. It's like Tarantino wants these tunes in there no matter the cost. They are great, but there's some modern hiphop and 70's disco stuff that heard my ears a bit...

The acting is soooo good. Can't put a finger on it. Even Tarantinos own role as Australien cowboy does a good job.

I would recommend going to the cinema to take this in. It just deserves that.

Peace out!

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