Gregor Fisher

Gregor Fisher


Gregor Fisher, born Gregor McKenzie, was raised in Neilston by adoptive parents Cis and John Leckie. His first regular television appearance was in 1979 when he appeared alongside Rikki Fulton in the BBC sketch show 'Scotch & Wry'. As he became more recognized, he was in demand for more television work. In 1986, he was cast in 'Naked Video' ( which itself started as a radio show entitled 'Naked Radio' ) alongside the likes of Andy Gray, Elaine C. Smith and Tony Roper among others. This show saw the creation of some of his finest characters such as string vested drunkard 'Rab C. Nesbitt' and 'The Baldy Man', the vain half wit with an unconvincing comb over. His talent for visual comedy was not unnoticed by the production team, particularly not by writer Phil Differ, who wrote for him 'The Man In The Photo Booth' ( which was a direct life from the 'photo booth' sketch in 'Naked Video' featuring 'The Baldy Man' ). Incidentally, the 'Rab C. Nesbitt' character became so popular that in 1988 he was awarded his own show which has since notched up ten series, with a special episode ending in 2014. The well loved Scottish actor currently lives in France with his wife, actress Vicki Burton.

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