Hunter Killer

Hunter Killer

2018 | Donovan Marsh

An untested American submarine captain teams with U.S. Navy Seals to rescue the Russian president, who has been kidnapped by a rogue general.

Average rating   4.5 out of 10

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Mark Bladt     2020-11-25 4 out of 10

”Hunter Killer” is a term the US Navy has for a submarine designed with the primary purpose of hunting primarily other submarines. But it is also the title of a movie from 2018 directed by Donovan March staring Gerard Butler as the central character.  

The movie had a budget of about $40.000.000 but it far from made a profit. So, it is very unlikely that we will ever see a “Hunter Killer 2 – The return of Captain Glass”. But in this day and age where cheaper movies have become the focus of the production companies.

“Hunter Killer” is obviously very inspired by John McTiernan’s “Hunt for Red October”, but it seems more like a discount version lost at sea, because contrary to McTiernan’s movie, it doesn’t have any faith in the audience’s ability to maintain focus unless something blows up or someone shouts.

It seems to me that besides a few exceptions it’s been a long time since Gary Oldman and especially Gerard Butler saw their career as something other than a way to get food on the table and to pay the rent. Michael Nyqvist also looks like he is a little bored and just waiting to deliver his lines so he can go home. The other actors, including the always beautiful Linda Cardellini a well as Common, work with what they have without it helping the movie significantly, since it is obvious that even the Director views the movie as nothing more than a job.

The plot of the movie is very quickly summarized.

Gerard Butler plays the new and ofcourse unorthodox Captain of the submarine USS. Arkansas, Joe Glass. Hos submarine is sent to investigate the disappearance of another American submarine. Meanwhile a coup attempt takes place in Russia, and the Russian President is kept hostage by a powermad and war hungry Russian Admiral. The situation gets worse by the minute in the American camp where Cardellini and Common sttempt to be the voices of reason and caution against a warmongering and very loud Gary Oldman. In Russian where the live of the President is in grave danger and under the sea, where Gerard Butler fights to safe both his crew and world peace.

There are not many good submarine movies out there and “Hunter Killer” will not be the one that raises the standard. “Hunter Killer” is a hangover movie and where you need some easily digestible entertainment.
Niels Risgaard Hansen     2020-09-18 5 out of 10

Decent movie for killing time, but otherwise not a lot of content. 
The story is pretty classic; there is a military coup in Russia and the US goes in to save the day. It is plain and simple, but there are a few points where the tension builds up quite well. 

Gerald Butler is handling the job as submarine captain well enough.

Gary Oldman is fantastic as always. 

The rest of the cast is unremarkable. 

The worst part of this movie is the way too emotional aftermath at the end! That is bordering nauseating and for me what really destroys an average quality movie. 

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