American Heist

American Heist

2014 | Sarik Andreasyan

James owes his life to his older brother, Frankie after taking the rap for a crime they committed together. While Frankie served time, James worked to turn his life around, got a steady job and began courting his former girlfriend Emily. Now, Frankie is released and back on the streets with no money and no place to go.

Average rating   4 out of 10

(4.94) Triple 9 | (4.87) Takers | (4.21) Heat | (4.21) Marauders | (4.21) In China they Eat Dogs

Niels Risgaard Hansen     2017-07-27 4 out of 10

An extremely simple plot like this either requires good actors, good dialogue or through the roof effects. This movie had none of those. The girl was pretty hot though, and I also think she was the best actor of this movie.

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