Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant

2017 | Ridley Scott

The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape

Average rating   8 out of 10

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Carsten Sørensen     2017-05-20 8 out of 10

Ridley Scott returns to the Alien franchise to give us yet another prequel to the original Alien movie (1979). This is also a sequel to Prometheus (2012). The movie opens with a flashback scene between Mr. Weiland (Guy Pearce) and David (Michael Fassbender). This is a great opening for the movie and leads back to the philosophical subjects of Prometheus (religion and the creation of life).

We are introduced to the crew of the Covenant who is on a colony mission. After an accident, a strange signal leads the crew to a planet that seems suitable for human life (this is very close to the first Alien movie).
On this planet, the crew meets enemy life forms. Some of the crew members are infected by the black goo that we saw in Prometheus. Now the rest of the crew must fight for their lives. We are also reintroduced to David (Michael Fassbender’s android from Promethus).

The cast is strong. Michael Fassbender does double duty as David (the creating android) and Walter (the dutiful android). Katherine Waterson, Billy McBride and Billy Crudup also gave strong performances. The biggest disappointment was James Franco (he deserved a bigger part in the movie). The rest of the cast is not bad, but it is no secret that many crew members are quickly killed off (after all this is an Alien movie).

Alien: Covenant answers many questions from Prometheus. The movie also explains what happened to Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace).
Although the movie builds on the event of Prometheus, it more feels like an Alien movie. Some of the scenes felt quite similar to the original Alien (1979), who was also directed by Ridley Scott. I also recognised some of the musical themes from the same movie.
The movie is fast and quite action packed, which I liked a lot (this reminds me of James Cameron’s Aliens from 1986). Unfortunately, some things are just not given enough time. The Alien infection takes no time, and the Alien creatures grow unbelievably fast (in the first four movies this could take days). The engineers are in the movie, but are not explored much further.

The movie sets are on a high level. The Covenant ship looks good. The creature effects are also good. The classic xenomorph is back (called a “protomorph”). The new creatures (neomorphs and throat busters) work quite well in their different scenes.

The ending was cruel, and there is certainly room for a sequel. Apparently, there is already a sequel on the way (the working title is “Alien Awakening”, which will also be directed by Ridley Scott). I do not know if Alien 5 will ever be realised (directed by Neill Blomkamp).

The marketing campaign for Alien: Covenant has been intense. I think the story in Alien: Covenant works on its own terms. However, I recommend watching “The Last Supper” and “The Crossing”, if you are new to the Prometheus/Alien universe.

I think Alien: Covenant will divide the fanbase (some fans want Prometheus 2, while others want a regular Alien movie). In my world, Alien: Covenant works as a satisfying hybrid between Prometheus and the different Alien movies. However, Alien: Covenant is just not as good as Alien and Aliens, but it clearly surpasses Prometheus, Alien Resurrection and the crappy AVP-movies.

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