The Promotion

The Promotion

2008 | Steve Conrad

Two assistant managers of a corporate grocery store vie for a coveted promotion.

Average rating   5 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2017-03-25 5 out of 10

I was kind of expecting a dude movie from this. Which it really isn't. At least it takes it self rather serious and tries really really hard to communicate good morale. I think it fails at it and the movie thereby has turned in to a not so funny comedy. The story is okay and acting is good, but there's just way to much serious stuff going on in between the funny parts.

On top of that I can have a hard time with movies that has a protagonist who are not a good guy. In this one he does mean it all well, but the development he goes through doesn't really justify where he ends up...


Not super recommendable.

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