It Follows

It Follows

2014 | David Robert Mitchell

After sleeping with a guy a young woman's life is turned upside down, when she starts being followed by something...

Average rating   8 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2015-04-20 8 out of 10

A very original take on a genre that has been used, misused and abused in unspeakable many forms and ways. And also a genre that is not my favorite.
But this movie did it in fresh and clever way.

The worst thing was the slow start, which luckily is also the force of the whole movie; Not having to rush anything. They movie does a very good job at keeping to the important characters and the relevant plot details.
A perquliar thing is that the movie does not feature a single grown up with important dialogue. This might seem like a gimmick, but it really makes sure you get dragged into the protagonists world. Into their problems, their fear and horror.

On top of this the soundtrack is super original. This might be partly because they've had Disasterpeace do the score/music for the movie. He's primarily known for doing music for computer games. Most noteworthy Fez. So all the sad/beautifull music is very recognizable from his work on games, whereas the dark, eerie, haunting and distorted music makes for a great take on a horror soundtrack. The lighter part of the music has a synth side to it, that also gives the movie a very retro feel, which is further enhanced by the overall setting of the movie. It does not seem to take place in present day, but more of a mix between now and any time between now and the 70's. This adds tremendously to the vibe of the movie.

There's a few easy jump scares, which I'm not a huge fan of, but since they're also used in a semi-humorous way they get away with it nicely.

I don't think the acting was over the top, but yet again nobody fell through. If anything the script might have it to easy sometimes how easily the characters accept the situation. Many of us would have sought help or been sitting in a corner crying till we died in these situations...

A really good and interesting movie.

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