Begin Again

Begin Again

2013 | John Carney

By chance a heart broken singer-songwriter bumps into a recently laid off record label owner and they click and sweet music starts playing.

Average rating   8 out of 10

(4.21) The Boat That Rocked | (3.61) Love Actually | (2.96) Cashback | (2.96) As Good as it Gets | (2.96) The Wackness

Peter Buchardt     2015-01-04 8 out of 10

A feel good musical tribute to New York, starring broken hearts, family reunions and up hill strugles.

It features Keira Knightley, who I'm not too fond of(except from Black Swan), but she does an amazing jobs as the heart broken English girl who're sick of New York and what it had to offer her.
And then it features a favorite; Mark Ruffalo, who recently starred in Foxcather, and even though this part isn't as unique, he really shines through and delivers as a washed out husband, father and record label owner.

Together the two takes chances and reminds the audince to stop thinking everything through and start taking chances.

The city of New York playes a huge role, and I might even be worth seeing just to get a glimpse of what you could expect of a visit there, or a trip down memory lane if your're already familiar with the city that never sleeps.

The movie feature some every clever and nicely done jumps in time and entwined story telling. Wich really starts the movie of in an interesting way. But also has some abrupt editing ina few chosen scenes, which does add anything else than wonder to why they've done it.

It's a super "feel good"/"stay happy" kind of movie, that can only be enjoyed if you in to these kind of movies.

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