The Stuff

The Stuff

1985 | Larry Cohen

Cooperate business geniuses puts a new dessert product on the market, after discovering the contents oozing up from the underground. What they did not expect was how people starts reacting to eating this new stuff, geniusly marketed as "The Stuff"

Average rating   7 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2015-01-04 7 out of 10

There's something completely briliant about this movie, but there's also a lot of silly and stupid things. But that's all good.

The plot it self is pulled of geniusly. First scene depicts a man, wearing a hard hat, standing in a mine of some sort. In front of him is a slowly flowing, oozing white goo ememerging from the ground. He walks towards with a puzzled look on his face. Then he bends down and sticks his fingers in it, stands up looks at it, and then with no hesitation tastes the goo, and then he says mostly to himself something along the lines of: "Wow that really good". And that when the movie begins. The setting is now that some cooperation has put this goo, now called "The Stuff" on the market as a new dessert, to battle ice cream and such. The slogan of the add campaign is: "The taste that makes you hungry for more" and the movie is filled with comercials and references to the add campaign of the product. How can one not love this premise?

The movie features very 80's bad acting, effects and script. But watching it in 2015, one has to acknowledge its potential cult status, which has(might have) huge potential!

My, and presumably the rest of worlds, favorite characther of the movie is "Chocolate Chip Charlie" who's a previously owner of an ice cream brand. His family and friends kick him out and sold off to the owner of The Stuff, and now his on a revengeful rampage to gain back his ice cream and honour. His trademarks are karate/kung fu style fighting and semi idle threats of how much he can hurt people. He actually enters the movie with flying drop kick over a car. What a scene!

I'd say the worst things about the movie is a few blue screen scenes and the inclusion of a very sexist, racist and generally unpleasent military general, but again, that's all good too.

You might have dig horror movies with a comical twist, preferably from the 80's, to enjoy this forgotten gem.

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