Undisputed III: Redemption

Undisputed III: Redemption

2010 | Isaac Florentine

Boyka is back. This time he is fighting in the first ever inter-prison tournament with one knee.

Average rating   6 out of 10

Scott Adkins     Mykel Shannon Jenkins     Mark Ivanir     Hristo Shopov     Marko Zaror     Michael Baral     Ilram Choi     Robert Costanzo     Lateef Crowder     Esteban Cueto     Vernon Dobtcheff     Valentin Ganev     Velislav Pavlov     Stefan Shterev     Nikolai Sotirov
Action     Sport
(14.57) Undisputed II: Last Man Standing     (12.15) Tekken     (4.66) Boyka: Undisputed IV     (4.21) Undisputed     (4.02) Falcon Rising
Boxing     Capoeira     Fist Fight     Karate     Kick Boxing     Kung Fu     Mixed Martial Arts     Prison     Russia     Tae Kwan Do     Tournament     Undisputed

Niels Risgaard Hansen     2014-09-27 6 out of 10

Still different from the first but way better than the sequel.

The story for this movie is quite good. The gathering of notorious fighters from different prisons and combining it with different fighting styles makes a really good fighting movie.
It still has very impressive acrobatic performances from the fighters. Scott Adkins is fantastic, but as he was injured in the second installment in the series, he is a bit hampered here. I find that a shame, as his performance alone can carry a movie like this a very long way.
This movie introduces a big of very poor american comedy. It is very misfitting and simply should not have been there.
Fortunately they have left out the over the top sugar coated feel good ending from the second movie. That was important and I actually think that the ending here was well done.

If you like fighting movies, mixed martial arts, prison movies etc. this is one to watch on a lazy evening on the couch.

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