2014 | Gareth Edwards

It comes to light that the nuclear test sites back from WWII to now wasn't test but the government trying to kill Godzilla. Now Godzilla is back to hunt some other faul creatures.

Average rating   5 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2014-05-19 5 out of 10

Damn... So much disapointment! 

I've really got something for these types of monster movies. And from all the trailer material I've been quite pumped. It seemed to be a serious and genuine take on the lore of Godzilla... But they really really did not deliver.

The effects are cool, so the basis are there. But then the plot just gets weaker and weaker the more the start to try to explaining how a new spices has evolved once again, and that they feed of nuclear power(aka looks for nukes to eat them, LAME!!!).

SPOILER: First time you think you might see Godzilla, it turns out to be some other creature. I know I might be simple minded here, but I just want Godzilla, and no much else in these types of movies.

Anyway the acting isn't really any good either. The guy from Breaking Bad(Bryan Cranston) seems to have big part in this movie, and he does ok, while he's there. But he's son, played by the guy from Kick-Ass(Aaron Taylor-Johnson), does a poor job, but honestly the writting doesn't live up to the seriouness I felt from the trailer material.

Any way... Not happy about this take on my favorite movie monster!

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