2014 | Neil Burger

In a future where where Chicago seems to one of the cities still remaining, humans has been split into 5 factions based on there personality traits. Tris, a young woman about be chose her faction learns she dos not belong to any of the factions, and now has to make hard choices.

Average rating   3 out of 10


Peter Buchardt     2014-03-22 3 out of 10

I know exactly what type of this is. I know exactly what audience they're trying to cater to. I watched Twilight back in 2008 and had the exact same feeling about that movie. The ony majot difference is that Twilight actually is an ok movie, where as Divergent stands poor attempt on retelling a sci-fi story about a dark future where power is being sought at the same levels as they are in our current world.

No the acting is bad, the plot is predictable and the whole idea of divded society like the one desriped in this movie is just not believable to me.

I had the same feeling as when I watched I Am Number Four. I hope even the teenagers that this movie tries to cater for, can see that there so many good alternatives to a high production value b-movie like this.

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