Secretly, Greatly

Secretly, Greatly

2013 | Chul-soo Jang

Three different super spies are sent from North Korea to South Korea, to be prepared for taking up any mission given to them. Just when everything seems to be at peace, hell breaks loose.

Average rating   7 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2014-01-08 7 out of 10

I'm not that much into Asian movies, but have watched 5-7 Korean movies, and I must say that I like their take on it. They might not even be trying that hard, but all I have seen have has as good a production value as any other movie, but then all of them have had an edge to them that makes you notice that the Korean movie industry can't be ties up on the same preconceptions of how a popular movie should be.


The most common denominators for the movies I've seen is that that all carry strong humor, even the slapstick kind, even though the themes and plots are carried by seriousness and even horror.


Any way about this movie. It's about elite trained spies that are sent by the North Korean army to South Korea to get to know the enemy better. I guess this must be bases on somewhat true scenarios, but this movies portrays these agent almost like super heroes. The movie is quit slow, movie that main character is very charismatic and his voice over thoughts are presented in a way that really makes you connect to his situation.


When there's action it's also superb. The fighting/shooting scenes are worth a watch it self. If you like John Woo, Jet Li and the like and do not mind being challenged on the way the story are told and the universe it takes place in, then you're up for a treat!



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