The Collector

The Collector

2009 | Marcus Dunstan

A criminal promises to get some fast money and tries to robe his employers private home, but a mad man is already there and has set up all kinds of hellish traps.

Average rating   5 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2013-12-21 5 out of 10

I think that if you're into horror movies and especially the Saw movie kind of horror movie you'd probably like this one way better than I did.

The plot is simple: I guy needs money and decides to steal a valuable artifact from his employers house. But an evil minded person has targeted the house and set up all sorts of traps. This makes and seemingly easy burglary horrorfying and some what complex.

To me the plot seems as a very bad excuse to try to make a Saw type of movie. This meaning one where the "good guys" has to go through game like trials to escape. I really liked the first Saw movie and thought it to be very original. This ones excuse for the setting is poor and badly presented. I think that it could have been done better with way more focus on the important characters, their relationships and problems, but it would have made a way different movie.

I liked the main character, Josh Stewart, he did a good job. We'll actually the acting was quite good. Just the way too fast changes in plot that did not work for me.

And I also have to say this: I really really do not like when movie titles, posters or trailers does not reflect the actual movie. The title of this movie doesn't really relate to anything important in the movie. It's a catchy title but not relevant...

Note: This movie might be an audio and visually master piece but since I watched in 144p on YouTube on my iPhone I really cannot comment on that :)

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