2007 | Stuart Gordon

A young woman commits a hit-and-run, then finds her fate tied to her victim.

Average rating   5 out of 10

Horror     Thriller
(1.72) Pusher 3     (1.54) Pumpkinhead     (1.54) The Collector     (1.54) The Final Destination     (1.47) Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
Bum     Crotch Shot     Ecstasy     Hit And Run     Hit With Frying Pan     Homeless     Interracial Relationship     Kicked Out Of Room Naked     Lots Of Blood     Pain     Weird

Peter Buchardt     2008-10-21 5 out of 10

You know this is one of those movies where you have absolutely no idea what to think during or after it finishes... Very weird. First I thought it was one of those movies trying to tell a story involving different peoples destiny[21 Grams, Crash, The Air I breath] but then it turned out to "be" an thriller/horror movie, not that horrifying, more silly and unrealistic.

I think my judgment still is a bit clouded since it can't figure out if the movie wanted to tell a story, scare me or maybe also be a bit funny? You tell me...

4 of 10 for the first 40 minutes ;)

Bad guys don't do drugs, run people down and not call 911... or... Silly

- Peter

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