Dead Man Down

Dead Man Down

2013 | Niels Arden Oplev

In New York City, a crime lord's right-hand man is seduced by a woman seeking retribution.

Average rating   6 out of 10

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Niels Risgaard Hansen     2013-08-26 6 out of 10

Slow action thriller as cold as revenge.

Standard revenge plot, but spiced up with a parrallel assignment with getting someone else's revenge. It works pretty well, but everything is just so damn slow. I guess this works fine with more artistic movies over more nerve wracking trhiller, for for me this is too much of an action movie to be so slow. I had to fight to keep focus.

Colin Ferell did a good job, and despite having a very silent character to play, he still manages to convey the pain for loss in a beliveable fashion.
Noomi Rapace is also very good playing the "monster". You sense her suffering pretty good as well.

If you like Colin Ferell, you should watch this. If you like slow action trhillers, there are better ones out there, but this one is bearable.

The title makes no sense at all.

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