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Hamilton 2: But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter

5 out of 10
Average rating 5 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Hamilton 2: But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter
Director: Tobias Falk
Main parts: Mikael Persbrandt
Seba Mubarak
Frida Hallgren
Reuben Sallmander
Nadja Christiansson
Lennart Hjulström
Peter Eggers
Steven Waddington
Cal Macaninch
John Light
Nigel Whitmey
Gustav Deinoff
Driss Roukhe
Milind Soman
Sven Ahlström
Production year: 2012
Genre: Action
IMDB link: [LINK]
Agent | Secret Service | Terrorist

Plot outlinie:
Special agent Carl Hamilton is forced to play by his own rules when his goddaughter is kidnapped by terrorists, as he learns that he will get no help from the Swedish secret services.

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Movie reviews for Hamilton 2: But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter

2013-05-21  Carsten Sørensen: 5 out of 10
Swedish agent thriller below average

Special agent Carl Hamilton has to save his goddaughter who has been kidnapped  by terrorists. Carl Hamilton is played by Swedish actor Mikael Persbrand who we know from the Beck TV series.  Generally, Mikael Persbrand is a good actor, but in this movie he we mostly see his stone cold killer face (he does not show any emotion).

In general, Sweden is considered to be a pacifist nation. However, this movie is an exception, and Carl Hamilton does not seem to have any problems killing terrorists in the nation's interest.

This was my first Hamilton movie, and I watched the movie with low expectations. Still, I was not impressed. The action scenes are OK, but not spectacular in any way.  Besides, most characters are boring stereotypes.

"Hamilton 2 - But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter" is not able to compete against its more successful Hollywood blockbuster competitors. 

I would rather recommend the latest Bond movie (Skyfall) or the three movies about Jason Bourne instead of this one.

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